The Use of Armored Trucks for Transporting Valuables

Armored trucks or cars are popularly used for transporting high profile people from one place to another safely. Presidents, members of royal families, and even celebrities travelling in armored cars are a common sight these days. However, this is not all that armored cars are used for. Nowadays, especially protected trucks are used to transport valuable goods as well as large amounts of money between locations.

There are many reasons why these are considered to be safer than ordinary vehicles. The construction of these vehicles is very different from ordinary cars and trucks that are used by civilians. The body of the armored vehicle is made from the best grade steel and is impenetrable. Given below is a detailed discussion of why armored trucks are the best choice for moving valuables from one place to another:

armoured trucks

Bulletproof Body and Glass

The body of the armored truck is made keeping the security requirements in mind. The outer structure is constructed to be bulletproof and is lined with thick padding to protect the valuables and people inside even if the surface suffers damage. The raw materials used to build such cars are of top quality and are hardened to bear the brunt of any impact that may occur.

The body is bulletproof and the glass on the windows and the windshield cannot be shattered easily. This is because the glass is made up of several resistant layers. In fact, in extremely dire cases does the glass have a chance of breaking. All this ensures that whatever situation the truck has to go through, the valuables inside are kept safe at all costs.

Armed Guards

Apart from these security features, no valuable item or a large amount of money is transported in an armored truck without being accompanied by guards. They are trained and armed and know exactly what to do in the face of an emergency. These guards are skilled in combat and you can rest assured that with them present, no harm will come to the valuable item being transported.

Design Ensures Security

In order to provide the security that armored trucks boast of, the design of the vehicles is given special thought. A wide range of features are included so that no kind of outside impact harms the passengers or the valuables being transported. These vehicles can run on deflated tires for several miles. The front of the truck has steel grills and rams bumpers that can push and remove other vehicles on the way which might be blocking the road.

In the days of the past, when such vehicles were still in the planning phase, transportation of values was a hectic job. Large amounts of money or precious items such as jewelry, paintings etc. were packed in ordinary looking packages that were not likely to get undue attention. These were then entrusted to trustworthy individuals and the valuable was transported under the umbrella of absolute discretion. However, such secrecy is no longer required. Valuable, no matter how precious can be easily moved in armored trucks with assurance of unmatched security.

Does Canada Post Deliver Packages On Saturdays?

Canada Post has a very unique service: they allow you to select two different service options (same day or next day) from the same Canada Post Office in Canada. There is no other postal service that can offer you this. In fact, there is only one other business in the world that can offer you this choice (UPS). This service is known as “USPS Residential Mailing” and it does exactly what its name says… delivers mail to your residential address on the weekends only.

How does this work?

The “USPS Residential Mailing” schedule states that “the normal post office hours in Canada are Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays”, and, “Postage from Canadian mailboxes may be collected only on business days”. These are their main rules, and they state that these rules “apply without prejudice to posted stamps”. You can call the post office any time, day or night if you have questions or concerns. They will be happy to help. Canada Post does not ship on weekends, in case you were wondering.

This is a great service for many people. For one thing, most people who live in Canada would rather see their mail come to them on time than have it come to them on a “sacrificed” weekend. Plus, when you take into account that Canada Post’s residential mailing rates are often much less expensive than those of our US postal service carriers, you can easily see why you would prefer to order your mail on the weekend. But, ?

Does Canada post deliver on weekends?

The answer is “yes”, but with one big exception. If you live in an area that does not receive a full weekend of mail delivery from the post office, then you will have to settle for next week. This exception usually includes rural areas.

Canada Post does offer next-day service. You will have to call in to find out what times they expect your mail to arrive. Then, go ahead and place your order. You can get this service during the week, or at any other time, you want (such as on Saturdays or Sundays). They will charge you for this service, but the price is usually reasonable.

The other question that someone might have is “So, does Canada post deliver on weekends?” The answer to this question is “it depends”. If the post office in your area does not operate next-day delivery services, then you might have to wait a few days until they get back to you. In most cases, however, they will give you the service you want and give you a reasonable price. That price might even include shipping charges.

Another option is to contact the post office in your area. The one thing to keep in mind is that most offices do not operate on weekends. If they do, it will be very rare. So, unless you want to go down to the post office to get your mail, you are probably better off sending your mail to Canada.


If you want the fastest service, you should try Canada post. This will help you save a lot of time, money, and frustration. Plus, when you order online, you will get confirmation that the package has been shipped out and you can check it right then and there. Most mail services are only open on weekdays. So, if you want your mail delivered on a Saturday, that is when you want to order online and get the fastest service possible.